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Machine Intelligence is extending further into different aspect of our society to solve tough problem we all face. WyseTime promotes the sharing of theories and pactices with deep learning technologies. Let's exploring the AI world with WyseTime.

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WyseTime intelligent technologies include artificial intelligence algorithms and high performance computing. Among these features visual intelligence algorithm covers facial recognition, vehicle identification, biometric species identification, object tracking and feature-based image retrieval.

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Product & Services

Identity Vertification

WyseTime intelligent security technologies is widely used in security and survillence. Face Recognition, Face Analysis, Face Comparison and Identity Verification are some of our common visual intelligence service.

Vehicle Identification

WyseTime Car-Regnition System supports car brand identification, fake license plate analysis and Car-Search-By-Image. Based on the visual features and deep learning technology, modern traffice management and public security system can be developed.

Text Recognition

WyseTime Text Recognition System provide OCR (Optical Character Recognition) service. Deep learning technology is applied to increase the performance and accuracy of the system. License Plate Recognition and Identity Card Recognition are some of the common application.

Biological Identification

WyseTime Biological Species Identification system can classify the animal or insect species. Butterfly Identification, Bird Identification and Fish Identification are some of our visual intelligence service. Pest and Crop disease Identification is our new technology in agriculture.

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